“Extremely pleased and with the work done and the results. Janette is genuine and very qualified at what she does. She cares and is very pleasant at the same time. I highly recommend her and her services.”

“I have been so grateful for the insight Janette has had in what has been holding me back from being the person I was meant to be. I look forward to each coaching session. She has helped to clear many false beliefs I have had for years. She has also cleared trapped emotions that once they were gone, have helped me to take more control of my life. She is truly amazing!”

“In my introductory session with Janette she helped me see the divine within me. She also helped connect me to pieces of my spirit that I thought had been lost forever. I am excited to continue the learning process as she shares her healing gifts.”

Heather G.
Midway, UT

“Janette is the real deal. Here’s the thing, she is professional, kind and non-judgmental! She was able to immediately identify blocks and things I needed to clear and was able to help, on the very first call. I’ve already booked again and would recommend her to anyone. You will NOT be disappointed. “

Greg C.
Butte, MT

“Janette is so insightful and full of knowledge. She was able to help me remove long-held blocks that I’ve tried to release myself – and she showed me how they were showing up in my current life. She is kind, professional and so helpful! Her insight and knowledge helped me so much!!”

Shelly S.
Shelly, ID

I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised at her insight and knowledge. She gave great advice and I felt happier after the session. She is a caring person and easy to talk to.”

Janae M
Michigan, US

OMG I’ve just had the AMAZING and mind blowing call with Janette! What a woman. If you haven’t had a session with her yourself, you really should! 🙂 I’ve never known anything like it. She really made me see the truth and have the confidence to trust in me. It was really amazing what she picked up and helped with and I feel much better and more confident to move forward with what I need to do in my business. Thank you Janette!

Aimee B.
Sydney, Australia

Janette uses her intuitive gifts in creating an incredibly powerful system for healing. Thank you!! I was able to get clear enough to shift my life’s trajectory to my life’s true purpose after 2 sessions.

Lezlee M.
Layton, UT

I’ve known Janette for 13 years, she is a natural in her profession.  She truly knows how to assist me in achieving my healthiest mind, body, and spirit… Thank You!

Romona C.
Layton, UT

I met Janette in October 2016. I completed her 8 week coaching program and continue to see her on a monthly basis. This experience is the best gift I have ever given myself. Janette is so skilled as an Energy Worker. She provides a safe, non-judgmental, loving atmosphere in which I have been able to really “transform” my life.

Lisa B.
Williard, UT

I am only 2 weeks into Janette’s 8 week coaching program, and already big changes have happened in my self and my life. Janette’s insight, talent, honesty and spiritual grounding are amazing. The tools and direction she provides are truly transformational and so deeply individualized to my needs. I am so grateful to have her as a guide, helper and facilitator in my journey! I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone!


I am so happy working with Janette. I really appreciate that I can go at my own pace and have time to work things out. She always has great inspired insight and really cares about me as a person. She has even gone out of her way to research some things that I have had issues with just so she can help me better. Thanks so much Janette!

Lorene G.
Salt Lake, UT

I just finished Janette’s mentoring program. I learned a lot about myself, who I really am, that I am important, and I deserve to be happy. Finding out why we do what we do and understanding where it started, is a great tool to help me grow and change to become the person I was meant to be. Great tool! Recommend it to all!

Ethel M.
Ogden, UT

Every energy session is amazing. The work I have done with Janette VanLeer has had a great impact on gaining understanding of things which have happened in my life and how they affect each day. Janette is very professional and has an abundance of energy work knowledge and how to use it for my good in healing issues of my mind and soul that have kept me from progressing forward.

Mindy S.
Hurricane, UT

I have recently begun energy work and life coaching with Janette Van Leer. I am amazed by the wisdom and counsel she provides for me. She has nothing but my best interest in mind as she works with me. She is able to tap into what my body and my spirit deserve. Janette is assisting me in becoming my very best. She has also done work with my brother and sister-in-law. We are all grateful for the work she does. She’s amazing!

Angela K.
Farmington, UT

The value Janette adds to my life is unmeasurable. Since my last appointment I have been free of some limiting beliefs I have had. It’s amazing how my mindset has changed with regard to how I do and think about things. With traditional counseling, this could have taken ma a year or more to make this type of break through. The work she does is phenomenal. I am ever grateful I was led to find her.

~Tamera W.

We try everything on the outside to change, but Janette makes it possible to change us from the inside out for lasting, life long God-purpose driven lifestyle. I think everyone could benefit from her amazing gifts.

~Charlene I.

Thank you Janette for giving me a fresh perspective on my life. For helping me realize who I am and how to live my truth. For teaching me the truth about who God is and who He isn’t and how He works in my life. Above all, thank you for listening to the Spirit and to my troubled heart.

Heather G.

I was introduced to energy work and Janette by fate. Energy work was not something I had ever heard of, nor is it something I feel I would have sought out on my own. But because of being led to Janette, my life is forever changed and I’m so grateful for her in my life.

~Lindsay S.

I had a phone session with Janette. I was shocked at the depth of emotion and experiences that I worked through in one phone call. I immediately felt better and lighter in my spirit.

~Kayrn S.