One on One Transformational Coaching Program


  • Eight transformational, enlightening, life changing energy sessions.
  •  A coaching binder full of  life changing information and tools that will help you gain more clarity and personal power in your life.
  •  Unlimited access through texting if extra support is needed.
    Free access to my muscle testing videos that teach you how to muscle test for your physical and emotional well-being.
  •  Three recordings to help support what your learning in your program.
  •  Two chakra meditations that will assist you to feel more empowered and at peace.



Product Description

I have created a powerful 8 week program that has been proven by over 100 coaching clients to create transformation, clarity, and well-being. Each week we will peel away the layers of the onion that are creating disharmony in your life and help you to learn healthy ways as well as give you weekly assignments and new tools that will create new ways of thinking, being and doing. This will allow you to think and feel more positive, be more confident and be empowered, so you can create greater success, fulfillment, and satisfaction in every area of your life.


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