Free Seminars

Are you frustrated because no matter how hard you try you still keep getting the same results in your life? This free, 30 minute video will explain why those patterns keep happening and why energy work is powerful in helping you create something different.

The Art of Muscle Testing

Have you ever wished you could ask your body what gave it an allergic reaction or what would be the best supplement for it? With muscle testing you can get answers to what your body really needs.

The Transformation Code

By tuning into the information stored in the clients body through the Transformation Code a Transformation Code Practitioner can get to the root which, most often, is a previous event that the false beliefs, fears, sabotages, trapped emotions or trauma that the problem stems from. When a client realizes how this event is still affecting their life today and the results it is creating, it is much easier to shift a clients emotions around the event. This allows them to release the negative energy that is still creating unhappiness and heartache in their life.