Calls with Janette are always so helpful. We start with areas I want to work on and end up covering so much more. The insights always ring true even though I wasn’t necessarily aware of the root cause of issues. I have made so much improvement in my business and my personal life as a result of Janette’s help. So glad she is on my team!

Cyndi T.

I was introduced to energy work and Janette by fate. Energy work was not something I had ever heard of, nor is it something I feel I would have sought out on my own. But because of being led to Janette, my life is forever changed and I’m so grateful for her in my life.

Lindsay S.

I had a phone session with Janette. I was shocked at the depth of emotion and experiences that I worked through in one phone call. I immediately felt better and lighter in my spirit.

Kayrn S.

Thank you Janette for giving me a fresh perspective on my life. For helping me realize who I am and how to live my truth. For teaching me the truth about who God is and who He isn’t and how He works in my life. Above all, thank you for listening to the Spirit and to my troubled heart.

Heather G.

We try everything on the outside to change, but Janette makes it possible to change us from the inside out for lasting, life long God-purpose driven lifestyle. I think everyone could benefit from her amazing gifts.

Charlene I.

The value Janette adds to my life is unmeasurable. Since my last appointment I have been free of some limiting beliefs I have had. It’s amazing how my mindset has changed with regard to how I do and think about things. With traditional counseling, this could have taken ma a year or more to make this type of break through. The work she does is phenomenal. I am ever grateful I was led to find her.

Tamera W.

I know mindset was hindering me from being successful! I learned so much about what was holding me back. I am forever thankful. If you are looking for a coach she is your girl!

Tammy B.

Janette has been an invaluable resource to me. Her skills, ability to listen intently, care & give incredible counsel & insight has had phenomenal effects in my life. I encourage anyone who feels drawn to her to have help them as well. She’s worth every penny & more for the quality she gives. Love & appreciate her so much!!!


Working with Janette has been life changing. When I first started the program I was unable to give my husband and children the love they deserve. Today, because of the help I have gotten from Janette, I have an unconditional love for myself that pours over to my family and friends. I am more grateful for all that I have and I see a much brighter future. Thank you, Janette!

Stacie M.

I wasn’t sure about this coaching program as I wanted something geared to help my business but this program is that and so much more. I truly feel better, stronger, more secure and confident personally – which has helped in all areas of my life. This has been so much more than I was expecting.

Kasey A.

“Extremely pleased and with the work done and the results. Janette is genuine and very qualified at what she does. She cares and is very pleasant at the same time. I highly recommend her and her services.”

“I have been so grateful for the insight Janette has had in what has been holding me back from being the person I was meant to be. I look forward to each coaching session. She has helped to clear many false beliefs I have had for years. She has also cleared trapped emotions that once they were gone, have helped me to take more control of my life. She is truly amazing!”

“In my introductory session with Janette she helped me see the divine within me. She also helped connect me to pieces of my spirit that I thought had been lost forever. I am excited to continue the learning process as she shares her healing gifts.”

Heather G.
Midway, UT

“Janette is the real deal. Here’s the thing, she is professional, kind and non-judgmental! She was able to immediately identify blocks and things I needed to clear and was able to help, on the very first call. I’ve already booked again and would recommend her to anyone. You will NOT be disappointed. “

Greg C.
Butte, MT

“Janette is so insightful and full of knowledge. She was able to help me remove long-held blocks that I’ve tried to release myself – and she showed me how they were showing up in my current life. She is kind, professional and so helpful! Her insight and knowledge helped me so much!!”

Shelly S.
Shelly, ID