What to expect at your 45 minute Breakthrough-Session

To help you better understand why energy work is so effective I will use the following analogy. Weeds are a nuisance and every gardener has to deal with them. Weeds are comparable to the fears, false beliefs and traumas that keep us from fully living authentically and being happy.  You can look at the weed, talk about the weed and even try and pull it, but if you don’t pull a weed up at the root, it will continue to grow back. Energy work is effective because it gets below the surface to the actual cause of the issue.


In your Mini-session I will ask your body what the priority issue is that it is ready to address. Then I will help you process and clear any fears, false beliefs, sabotages, traumas, and trapped emotions pertaining to this issue. When we are finished you will have more clarity, feel lighter, and have greater sense of well-being. From this experience you will be able to determine if energy work is right for you.

Book a 90 Minute Session

If you know energy work is the next step for you then book a 90 minute session. This will allow us to work on everything that your body is ready to address.

Please keep in mind that energy work is just as effective over the phone as it is in person so don’t let distance keep you from booking an appointment. Just give me a heads up that this will be a phone, Skype, or FaceTime appointment by indicating it in the comments.