Breakthrough Session

Energy work is something you really need to experience to understand. If you are new to energy work then book a FREE Breakthrough-session. In this session I will intuitively tune into what the primary issue is that is creating any stuckness in your life. This will allow you to personally experience the benefits of energy work in your own life.

90 Minute Energy Sessions

If you are familiar with energy work and you are ready to dive in and find the trapped emotions, fears, false beliefs, sabotages, and traumas that are holding you hostage from your dreams then schedule a 90 minute session below.

12 Week Coaching Session

My 12 week coaching program has helped more than 100 clients create a healthier self-esteem, feel more confident, own their power, gain more clarity, and learn new tools to handle the challenges that life brings.

Transformational Coaching Scholars

Transformation scholars is an ongoing coaching membership program that you can start at the beginning of any month.