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Do you have the desire to make a difference and help others transform their life through energy work?

If so, then becoming a Transformation Code Practitioner/Coach is what you are looking for!

happy-girl-big1How would it feel to.

  • trust in your intuition and believe in yourself
  • be excited to wake up in the morning
  • have a fulfilling career that allows you to the freedom to set your own hours and be your own boss
  • help others by learning an effective, easy to learn, modality that lasers into the fears, false beliefs, sabotages, traumas and trapped emotions that keep those you love from living their truth and achieving their dreams.
Are you ready to start living the life that you were meant to live?

janetteBecoming an energy practitioner is the best decision I have made in my life since deciding to marry the love of my life 29 years ago. Being able to wake up in the morning for the last five years and know that I get to do something I love and get paid for it has been surreal. Especially since I spent  22 years prior to that just surviving from day to day because of depression.  I was led through a series of events to learn how to do energy work in 2011. Today, I am no longer depressed and at the end of the day I feel fulfilled knowing that I have helped others feel their worth and value, recognize their own gifts, and reframe false beliefs that are holding them hostage from their happiness.

This is for you if…

  • You area feeling inspired to make a positive difference in other people’s lives.
  • You know deep down inside you are meant for more than what you are currently doing.
  • You want to learn more about the Transformation Code as a modality to help others.
  • You want to be your own boss and create a business doing something you love.

The Transformation Code is a powerful, spiritually-centered healing/coaching modality.

The Transformation Code is designed to connect with the clients body, mind and spirit with the intention of getting to the root of any issue that is blocking them from moving forward and being their best self. If you are being called to do energy work and you are looking for a modality that easily and effectively gets to the root of a clients priority issues then look no further!

However, in order to really know if it’s the right modality for you I would like to invite you to experience a 45 minute Breakthrough-session (For first-timers only). This session can be in person or over the phone. In this session I will educate you about the Transformation Code and then you will get to experience it for yourself. You will be amazed at how much lighter you feel when we are finished! Your spirit will tell you if this modality you have been looking for!

Booking a session is easy! Just click on the book now button at the top of the page and then select the time and day that works best for you. Please indicate in the comments section if this will be a phone session rather than coming in person. If you have any questions you are welcome to call or text me at 801-628-4880.



September 14th, 2018

If I can be successful so can you!

580376_10201429984255106_695269266_nI’ve been where you are. I know what it’s like to have fear about starting something new. I also know the joy it brings when you don’t allow that fear to rule your decisions and you let your intuition guide you. In February of 2015 I was especially grateful for my business when I rushed my husband to the hospital because he was having all the signs of a heart attack. Luckily it turned out that it was a false alarm and just related to the stress he was under from a job he hated. After talking it over we decided that my business was doing well enough that he could quit his job and go back to school to get more training so he could be more marketable. We were very blessed and my Transformation Energy Work business supported my family for a whole year and we even paid for a modest wedding without going into any debt! Today he has a job he loves and is much happier.

What will you learn in the Transformation Code training?

In this training you will receive your own copy of the Transformation Code manual and  will  be given plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques that are in the manual with a partner. By the time the training is finished you will be able to successfully facilitate a session so you can complete the 20 practice sessions that are required to become a practitioner.

Do you want to be a Transformation Coach as well?

Energy work and particularly the Transformation Code really becomes powerful when you combine it with my 8 week Transformation Coaching Program.

When I started to do energy work I soon realized that I could facilitate and energy session with a client and they would leave feeling fabulous. However, because they would go back to their same way of thinking, and their same habits that created the heavy energy in the first place the results were not as life changing as I wanted. I realized that in order to make lasting change my clients needed to learn tools that would teach them how to think more positively, and inspire them to create habits and ways of being that supported the truth of who they really are and would help them live their purpose on this earth.

As part of my Transformation Code package you have the opportunity to go through my 8 week program! This gives you the opportunity to create your own transformation, learn how to be a coach, experience 8 energy session with me and gain a testimony of the program.

To become aCertified Transformational  Coach you will have the opportunity to go through the program again with a buddy from the training. This serves three purposes. It allows you to practice coaching with another “newbie”, to continue to become familiar with the program and the blessing of being able to clear any fears that will come up around starting your own business with someone who is in the same place and understands. Last, you will have the opportunity to take one of your own clients through the program. When you e-mail me this clients testimonial I will mail you your certificate of certification.

If you are feeling drawn to do this work then I encourage you to enroll in the next online Transformation Code Training

Beginnning September 14th.

Put down your $500 deposit to hold your spot!

( Only 6 spots available!)

Can’t make that one? Then reserve your spot for the next class.

beginning October 26th.

What Transformation Code Practitioner Program is right for you?
Transformation Code Training (w/o coaching)

*$500 to reserve your spot

  • The Transformation Code Manual
  • Transformation Code Training
  • One personal 90 minute Energy Session
  • A downloadable Chakra Meditation to balance your Chakra’s
  • A certificate stating you have completed the training
  • Access to continued support through the Transformation Code Practitioners Facebook Group.
  • The opportunity to become certified after you have done 20 practice session on 20 different people.
Certified Transformation Code Practitioner/Coaching Training

*$500 to reserve your spot

  • The Transformation Code Manual
  • 2.5 day Transformational Code Training
  • 5 Powerful Recordings, that are included with the coaching program
  • A certificate stating you have completed the training
  • Access to continued support through the Transformation Code Practitioners Facebook Group.
  • Continued support to build your business with a bi-monthly group call that is recorded so you can listen whenever it’s convienent.
  • The opportunity to become certified after you have done 20 practice session on 20 different people.
  • The ability to become a certified Transformational Energy Coach after you finish coaching with me or one of my certified Coaches, coach a fellow practitioner and take a client of your own through the program.
  • 8 one on one coaching sessions creating your own life changing transformation.
  • Powerful coaching materials and tools that can either be in a binder or sent online.
  • The license to use the coaching materials that have been proven transformational on over a hundred of clients, that I have created, in your practice for a monthly fee.

After a free mini session I knew Janette had what I needed. I signed up to learn to be a Transformation Code Practitioner so I could help my children and friends mainly. I have a son that was really struggling at the time and I was bound and determined to find anything I could to help him. Through the class not only did I learn how to start a business as an energy coach, but Janette was able to show me how to tap into my intuition and use the unique gifts that God has given me in order to help others. It has been a huge blessing in my life to be able to help my children especially know what is causing their turmoil and be able to clear it for them. It’s empowering as a mother to use the gifts that God has given me to help His children succeed. I would recommend going through the Transformation Code Practitioner course to anyone.

Brooke Elder

I have been an intuitive life coach for 4 years and have struggled in taking my business to the next level. Since becoming certified in the Transformation Code all that has changed. My confidence in myself and my business has grown and the best part is the joy and happiness I get to experience in assisting others to clear the path of what stands in the way of them becoming their truest self.

Cindy Montano
Ogden, UT Certified Transformation Code Practitioner Transformational Healing and Awareness

I went through Janette’s coaching program in June of 2014. She inspired me to use my spiritual gifts and start my own practice. I learned the Transformation Code in September 2015 and became certified in October of 2015. It has been the perfect addition to my healing practice! I love the Trauma Balance and Chakra clearings, I use the whole system with my clients and they reap the benefits!

Lisa Thomas
Los Angeles, CA Certified Transformation Code Practitioner Beyond Cellular Healings

When I decided to go through Janette’s coaching program I had no idea how that decision would change my life. I became more spiritually connected and and in tune with my spiritual gifts. I intuitively began to realize that learning to be a Transformation Code Practitioner was the next step in my life. I became certified in September of 2015 and have started to build a clientele and create a home business. The Transformation Code was easy to learn and so in-depth that I don’t feel that I need to learn other modalities to be an effective practitioner. Finding myself through Janette’s coaching program and my passion through the Transformation Code has brought deep satisfaction and fulfillment to my life. I’m so grateful and excited to see where this takes me!

Angie Price
Bountiful, UT Certified Transformation Code Practitioner Inner Light Energy Work
Testimonials from Transformation Code Practitioners/Coaches

Being a Certified Transformation Code Practitioner has greatly influenced my practice as a Sports and Injury Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Coach. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have used this is my own life and learned this great healing tool from Janette VanLeer in July of 2015. It has been the perfect complementary treatment to my business and what I was already doing since 2011. It has enhanced the work ten fold. I am not only able to help those who come to me with physical injuries, but now I can assist in finding negative connections between the body, the spirit, and the mind that may be contributing to the physical issue of those who are seeking solutions for their pain and stress which makes the work I do go deeper and creates an even greater benefit for the client.

Tori Kooyman

~ Muscle Dynamics Therapy and Wellness

I have been an intuitive life coach for 4 years and have struggled in taking my business to the next level. Since becoming certified in the Transformation Code all that has changed. I took the class in November became certified in December and doors literally started opening for me. In January I got offered opportunities to joint venture with two different companies. My confidence in myself and my business has grown all from taking the class to become a Transformation Code Practitioner. And the best part is the joy and happiness I get to experience in assisting others to clear the path of what stands in the way of them becoming their truest self.

Cindy Montano

~Certfied Transformation Practitioner/Coach

I just attended the Transformation Code 3-day training retreat and loved it! Janette is so intuitive. She not only teaches what she loves, she loves everyone she teaches. I appreciate her willingness to share her gifts and the great opportunity I now have to help others as much as she has helped me! Thanks Janette!

Kim Ford

~ Soon to be Certified Transformation Code Practitioner and Coach


Common Questions

Do I need to have special training to be able to do this?

No, anyone that can drive a car can learn to do this.

How long does it take to learn?

The Transformation Code training is a three day class. I will be there every step of the way to help you and you will have lots of time to practice the techniques on each other in class. The bonus is that while you practice on each other you will get a lot of your own baggage cleared in the process!

Do I need to be able to muscle test before the class starts?

Yes. I hold a muscle testing class one month before each class starts. If you don’t live within driving distance I will hold the class online.

What if I am unable to learn to muscle test?

If you can drive a car you can learn to muscle test. Its an amazing tool and not hard to learn.

I am not interested in having my own business. Is this something I can just use on myself and my family?

Most definitely! I use it on myself when I’m feeling heavy or stuck. My kids, husband, and sisters will also ask me to do a session with them. It has been a great tool to get closer to my family!

If I do want to create my own energy work practice what do I have to do to be certified?

You must do 20 practice sessions complete with testimonials or a client intake form. (You will get a certificate of completion at the end of the three day training.)

How big are your classes?

The class is limited to 12 students. I want to keep the class small and intimate so everyone will get the individual attention they need.